Remain Active - Did not stand behind product

Reston, Virginia 0 comments

Ordered and paid for product.Waited two months, then told truck could not deliver to street.

Hill too steep, would have liked to be asked that before spending $5000+ . Then after installing, one week later, faucets drips and has continued to drip. I started calling and requested a new faucet, plumber said inferior product. I was assured it would be handled.

After another month, still hadn't received it, I called again. I was told , their tech wanted to talk to my plumber. I gave number, and have yet to hear from anyone! Called again and no call back.


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Remain Active/Easy Living Walk-In Tubs

Miami, Florida 0 comments

I wish I had done more research before buying from this company. There are only 2 people working for this company, Cassie & Howard. They lead you to believe they manufacture the tubs. They don't. They simply buy them from whoever they can, double the price, and re-sell them on the internet.

They have several complaints against them and don't care since they only do business with the customer one time.

Don't believe what you see on their website. They ship you something totally different than what they advertise. Trust me, I got caught in their scam.

There are plenty of good companies out there selling walkin tubs. Spend your hard-earned money with someone else other than Remain Active or Easy Living Products (same company). There may be other names they go by, so I would do plenty of research before you give them their money. If the person who answers the phone is "Cassie", hang up.

Good Luck

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Miami, Florida 1 comment

This Company advertises a walk-in tub on their website then ships you something different after you have paid. They make sure to get all your money before you have an opportunity to see the tub and realize it's not what you ordered.

The President, Howard, then tried to convince me I got what was promised. He's wrong. How could he know since Remain Active is just a middle-man. They don't make the tubs, they simply buy them from other people, mark up the price and sell them on the web.

They finally agreed to accept back the tub for a 25% restocking fee plus return shipping! They wouldn't agree to pay for return shipping even though they acknowledged to AMEX they shipped something different than what was advertised on their website.

Do not do business with this Company. Check out the BBB!

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They did the same thing to me.I wish I had read the complaints before ordering from this company.

Their entire company is one big lie!


Remain Active

Miami, Florida 1 comment

Bought a walkin tub for my 83 year old mother from these people for a Christmas present in 2010. Ordered it in February 2011. What they send you is NOT what is on their website. They advertise one thing, get you to pay for it, then ship you something else. Apparently they make a habit of ripping off elderly folks.

After you discover what they have done and try to get them to fix the problem, they stop taking your calls via caller ID. Don't trust them. They say your satisfaction is their primary goal. BS!

Dont buy from this company. Nothing but a Bait & Switch. My next call will be to the Florida Consumer Affairs. Thank God for Florida Lemon Laws.

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I had the same problem. They claim their is no middle-man but They are the middleman!

They are not a reputable company. Check the complaints with the BBB and you'll see what I mean.

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